Sneaky Snake make their HOLODECK debut with a nourishing new full length that is as effortlessly absorbed as it is comfortably engulfing. The LA based duo dissolve concentrated drops of ambient synth elegance into vast ocean currents that slowly immerse their listeners in waves of palpable regenerative frequencies.

Eventide 1 starts by gradually opening up like the sun climbing into the morning sky on side A. Soothing, positive tones form the substratum for traveling winds, filled with textured sound debris, to blow across and swirl into the mix, coming and going as they please. This single-song A-side builds up to an afternoon of exalted strings calling and answering one another, only to be taken over by majestic lead melodies that radiate the purifying light of an aural golden hour, guiding the 20-minutes-plus piece into silence.

The B-side, Eventide 2 & 3, begins at dusk with relaxed synth chords letting cool breezes pass over them. Layered vocal samples and ominous arrangements take Eventide 3 further into nocturnal territories, but it’s not long before the track gets thoroughly deconstructed and rebuilt into a beautifully sanguine outro that replenishes the mind like a midday plunge into deep R.E.M. sleep.